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Wild Luxury Glamping - Luxury Camping in Norfolk

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The most frequently asked questions…

I can’t seem to get a price for the period I want to stay?

It may be that you are trying to make a reservation outside of our booking periods.    Weekends run from Friday 2pm to anytime Sunday/ Early Monday.   Mid-week bookings Monday 2pm - Friday AM and weeks  from Friday - Friday or Monday - Monday.

I want to book a group of lodges, what’s the best way to go about it?

It’s probably best to call or email us. If you are an adult group then it will need to be outside of school holidays and everyone over 25. See Group Information in the quick links.

Do I need to arrange extras when I book?

They are detailed on the website and bookable but you will receive more information when  we forward your  Welcome pack 10 weeks prior to arrival. You can book them at that time or later if you wish.

Can I stay two nights on the weekend?

Weekends run from Friday 2pm to anytime Sunday or even early Monday. Outside of school holidays a lot of people like to go home later on Sunday and that’s why weekend prices at that time are lower.

My friends are not sure if they can join us?

Lodges sleep 6 and so you can add any six names at the time of booking and changer them later if you wish.

What do I need to bring?

Surprisingly little but it is all detailed in your Welcome pack.

How do I charge my phone when I’m with you?

Cars are parked reasonably close to the lodges, most people charge them up this way.

Can I request a lodge?

We do consider requests for particular lodges if you have stayed with us before. However please remember that lodges are generally allocated to take into account groups staying together, children’s ages etc so we cannot guarantee to allocate a specific lodge.

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